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2016 Contractor of the Year Award Winners

Residential Bath $50,001- $75,000: JMC Home Improvement Services

An outdated master bathroom was remodeled to take advantage of underutilized space and to construct a two-person shower by removing an existing, impractical platform tub. By installing custom vanities with roll-out trays and drawers for accessible storage and increased countertop space, by including Carrera corner shelves in the shower, and by removing an oversized linen closet and replacing it with custom furniture for a more appealing look — JMC created more storage. A better use of floor space was achieved by removing extra walls in the toilet area and the tub platform, and by changing the entrance door. The open floor plan also achieves more natural light with the skylight. With Carrera marble floor and shower surround, custom wainscoting, column accents, and crown moulding achieves the aesthetic desired by the homeowners.

Residential Bath $75,001- $100,000: Kraftmaster Renovations

A traveling business professional requested a peaceful, zen-like atmosphere to retreat to on weekends. The customer desired natural finishes and textures, eco-friendly materials, a Japanese soaking tub, large shower, storage solutions in a spa-like setting. But, the existing master bath was not large enough, or laid out in a manner that would accommodate. Kraftmaster reconfigured the space to allow for the needed size by flipping the bathroom and closet as well as relocating the entrance from the hallway. By installing a wall-mounted toilet, more floor space was created. A walk-in shower without glass surround incorporates the soaking tub. Lyptus (sustainable wood) cabinets, Eco by Cosentino countertops made of recycled materials, woodgrain, slip resistant floor tile and pebble accent tile creates the atmosphere desired by the homeowner. A sun tunnel skylight over the tub provides natural light and task lights with recessed LED lamps result in an exotic room.

Residential Kitchen $30,000- $60,000: FDP Builders

This kitchen remodel included removing older cabinets from a first floor kitchen and installing them in a basement kitchen, remodel the first floor kitchen. One of the problems in this project was that the floor was updated recently in the original kitchen. New cabinets were fitted to the original layout, and where alterations were made, leftover tiles from the floor job were used. Functionality was improved upstairs and new lighting enhanced the workspace. The old peninsula was replaced with an island that included power sources for kitchen machinery. A new, more efficient range hood vent over the stove replaced the overhead microwave type. The customer — mother-in-law — was pleased with the outcome.

Residential Kitchen Over $150,000: A. Eidelberg  General Contractor, LLC

Manhattan apartments do not provide for much in kitchen space. The original workspace here was limited and natural light was blocked by the older design. The aisle was only 32-inches wide! By replacing the cabinets with 18-inch, custom cabinetry on the sink side, the aisle opened up to 42 inches. Also, the dishwasher, drawers, garbage pull-out and plumbing on the sink side of the galley kitchen were pushed into the office behind the kitchen. A custom stainless steel sink was created with the faucet to the side. The kitchen window was blocked by cabinets and an upper air conditioner, and the microwave blocked the entry to the office.  Relocating the main refrigerator to the back of the room opened up the sightline to the window, and eased the bottleneck at the kitchen entry. The AC was installed below the window by cutting a weatherproof hole in the brick and inserting an AC sleeve. A custom stainless steel grille directs conditioned air or heat upward and replacement air grills were angled downward. A new energy-efficient window was installed. A wall oven and cooktop were replaced by a range to gain counterspace. Antique and distressed subway tile compliments the reclaimed barn beam floor. Lighting was improved with undercabinet task and accent lights. All for only $161,107.

Residential Interior $75,000 - $150,000: JMC Home Improvement Specialists

Changing physical requirements necessitated an interior remodel for better access to the bathroom and functionality in the master bedroom. Larger doorways, wider hallways, accommodations for motorized wheel chair access, larger shower and upgrade of the existing seated chair lift were all required. To create pocket doors for the wheelchair, new headers were needed. A new chairlift allows the homeowner to access the upstairs without transferring from the chair. A new 7-foot by 13-foot bathroom provides a 5-foot by 7-foot roll-in shower so a no threshold access was accomplished by dropping the drain bwlow the floor joists and pitching the joists toward the drain. Waterproofing the floor was difficult because humidity levels had to be controlled — first attempt peeled. By eliminating one small bedroom, the master bedroom and bathroom could be expanded, providing accessibility for the homeowner!

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